On Line Presentation

For download ON LINE PRESENTATION AUTHOR INSTRUCTIONS click here (link to the attached document "ICTON 2020 - Video MP4 instructions.pdf")

Presenter Information:

Oral session:

    • 20-minute (for invited papers) and 15-minute (for regular papers) duration time, pre-recorded presentation, with the presenting author voice illustrating the slide show, should be created for each accepted paper.
    • Please start the presentation with a short self-introduction of the presenter/s (must be by the presenting authors).

Poster session:

    • Poster files available for the registered attendees during poster session. Optionally, a short oral announcement of the poster during the poster session – 2-3 minute pre-recorded presentation, announcing their main results.

Paper Discussion:

    • All presenters will send their PRESENTER E-MAIL ADDRESS, by following the format mail reported below (see Sect. 4. Sending your .mp4 file) to be inserted in a mailing list, useful for paper discussion via mail to be held during the session scheduled time, according to the final ICTON 2020 Technical Agenda.

1. How to create your presentation

Please create your presentation in the widescreen format using the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Please, show the presenting author email contact in the last slide, to allow people ask you question about your presentation. No live discussion will be available.

Moreover, the presenter e-mail address will be inserted in a suitable mailing list, useful for session discussion via mail, to be held during the scheduled time according to the final Technical Program.

2. Narration of your presentation

Build your PowerPoint paper presentation as you normally would. When you are ready to add audio of your narration, choose the ‘Record Slide Show’ option under the Slide Show tab. Check the video and links below for more detailed instructions (*)

When finished, choose File > Export > MP4 and name your file according to the

ICTON 2020 Technical Agenda (https://icton2020.fbk.eu/programme) by specifying:

[session name_presentation order_presenting author surname].mp4

As examples, by considering the session

Example for session ICTON I

ICTON I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-12:00)

      • Evolving network security (Invited) P. Cochrane and M. Abdel-Maguid
      • Challenges and opportunities towards 6G mobile networks (Invited) I. Tomkos
      • Network slicing in SDN networks (Invited) D. Scano, L. Valcarenghi, K. Kondepu, P. Castoldi, and A. Giorgetti
      • Towards an open-source framework for jointly emulating control and data planes of disaggregated optical networks (Invited) I. Iglesias-Castreño, M. Garrich Alabarce, M. Hernández-Bastida, and P. Pavón Mariño
      • On dynamic hypervisor placement in virtualized software defined networks (vSDNs (Invited)) Sen Chen, Weiqiang Sun, and Weisheng Hu

The name ICTON I_3_Castoldi.mp4 indicate of the paper “Network slicing in SDN networks (Invited) D. Scano, L. Valcarenghi, K. Kondepu, P. Castoldi, and A. Giorgetti” of session ICTON I, presentation order n. 3 in, presenting author Castoldi

(*) detailed instructions


[URL=https://support.office.com/en-us/article/record-a-slide-show-with-narration-and-slide-timings-0b9502c6-5f6c-40ae-b1e7-e47d8741161c]Instructions for recording narration in PowerPoint[/URL]

[URL=https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Save-a-presentation-as-a-movie-file-or-MP4-4e1ebcc1-f46b-47b6-922a-bac76c4a5691]Help with saving as an mp4 in PowerPoint[/URL]

3. Before you send .mp4 file

Review your recording

When finished recording, please watch it and answer the following questions:

    • Is the audio clear and free from interference?
    • Is the audio at the right level, with your volume at intermediate volume?
    • Does your talk start promptly? (your narration should begin within the few seconds)
    • Does your recording end promptly after your closing remarks within the few seconds?
    • Do all of your slides, movies, and animations operate correctly?

Check File Format

Your recording should be a movie file using the .mp4 file extension to avoid technical problems

Check the Filename

Please confirm your paper number is correct and follows this naming convention:

[session name_presentation order_presenting author surname].mp4

According to ICTON 2020 Technical Agenda (https://icton2020.fbk.eu/programme)

4. Sending your .mp4 file

Upload your file using a cloud service (as some examples Google Drive or Dropbox or OneDrive or WeTransfer) or an online file transfer service (as an example MediaFire).

Write an email message to ICTON2020@poliba.it sharing the public URL of your mp4 file.

Please include the presenter information.

You can follow the format below:

Object: Presentation [session name_presentation order_presenting author surname].mp4 – [SURNAME NAME of the presenter]

Dear Organizing Committee,

Please find attached the MP4 presentation at: http://drive.com/presentation/[session name_presentation order_presenting author surname].mp4

and the presenter information:



e-mail: PRESENTER E-MAIL ADDRESS (to be inserted in a mailing list, useful for paper discussion via mail to be held during the session scheduled time, according to the final ICTON 2020 Technical Agenda)

I confirm to be aware of License details, reported in the ICTON 2020 Video MP4 instruction, to Publish the aforesaid Conference Presentation

Best Regards

Name Surname

Recorded talks must be received by July 10th.

July 10th sending deadline ensures that we have enough time to receive, review, and publish your presentation. If you are unable to submit by the deadline, please continue with the sending process and we will do our best to make your material available for as much of the Online Conference as possible.

Please, check that your URL works for the all Online Conference long.

License to Publish your Conference Presentation

To provide conference attendees and worldwide research community with enhanced access to the information presented at ICTON 2020 conference, your uploaded presentation recording (audio plus screen content of your presentation) will be published as part of the conference proceedings on the ICTON 2020 Online Conference.

By uploading your video file, you authorize ICTON 2020 to publish the recording of the conference presentation according to the following terms:


    • I, on behalf of all co-authors if applicable, authorize ICTON 2020 to publish the audio + screen recording of this conference presentation on the ICTON 2020 Online Conference, sent to ICTON2020@poliba.it sharing the public URL of my mp4 file, as part of the conference proceedings which are available to the global research community.
    • I am aware that the authors or their employers retain copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the conference presentation.
    • I warrant that the authors or their employers hold the rights to the presentation materials/have obtained necessary permissions to use any material for which we do not hold the rights. I warrant that publishing this material will not infringe on any rights of others.
    • I warrant that I have the authority to approve this license, including all abovementioned details.

5. If there is any issue with your file

Once we have received your URL file, it will be added to the queue awaiting publication. If there is any technical problem, we may ask that you re-record again your talk.